Prevention officer (recognized by NIBHV)

Learn all about contributing to safety and health within your organization

Sector ERO and First Aid
Sectors ERO and First AID
Type of training Basic course
Duration 2 mornings (09.00 - 12.00)
Price € 355,00 excl. VAT
Recognition Yes (NIBHV)

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  • Every company should have hired at least one prevention officer in charge of taking measures focused on safety and security within the company. As prevention officer you support your co-workers in working according to safety guidelines and you provide, where necessary, information and instruction. You collaborate with the company doctor and other working conditions service providers and you advise them. The prevention officer has three legal tasks:

    • (collaborate to) prepare and execute the risk inventorying and evaluation (RI&E)
    • advising and closely collaborating with the works council / personnel representation about measures to be taken for a proper working-conditions policy
    • (collaborate to) execute these measures

    During the basic course for prevention officer these aspects are covered extensively. After successful completion of this course you will be NIBHV certified as prevention officer.

  • The basic course prevention officer is oriented towards relevant legislation and regulation regarding risk inventorying & evaluation (RI&E). The corresponding plan of attack and working conditions tasks of the prevention officer are also part of the course.


    • Prevention tasks and the Working Conditions Act
    • RI&E and the plan of attack
    • The influence of participation in prevention tasks
    • Place and position of the prevention officer within the organisation
    • Examples of the execution of working conditions regulations in the workplace

    You complete the course with a theoretical exam with multiple-choice questions.

  • At the end of this course:

    • you know what relevant articles from the Working Conditions Act mean for the elaboration of prevention tasks
    • you know what relevant articles from the Works Council Law mean for the prevention officer
    • you know the requirements that need to be met by the RI&E and a plan of attack
    • you can describe which role the participation has regarding professional support with regards to protection and prevention
    • you know which role and position you as prevention officer in the company can occupy
    • you are aware of the executing and coordinating tasks that belong to the range of tasks for the prevention officer
    • you know the steps to be taken when executing working conditions measures
    • you can, in case of successful completion, start working as a prevention officer
  • As a prevention officer you would like to contribute to the safety and health within your organisation.

  • Entry requirements


    Type of training Basic course
    Duration 2 mornings (09.00 - 12.00)
    Language Dutch, Nederlands
    Exams Yes (NIBHV)
    Certificate Yes (NIBHV)
    Course code VBHVM
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  • Learn in two mornings all about contributing to safety and health in your organisation
  • Recognized by NIBHV
  • Learn from teachers with practical experience

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