Shunter/train driver on a business park

Learn how to drive and shunt a train in two days

Sector Rail
Sectors Rail
Type of training Basic course
Duration 2 days

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  • Driving a train on an enclosed business park or terminal site is not without any risks. Chances of damages and accidents are great. More and more companies are therefore choosing to invest in training their employees that drive locomotives on the terminal. STC Training & Consultancy developed a sophisticated training through which in only two days you learn the basic knowledge and skills of driving and shunting a train.

  • During the morning, a very experienced teacher covers the theory. The afternoon part is dedicated to the practice.

    Day 1

    Morning (theory):

    • Personal safety
    • Safety on and around the tracks
    • Safety during shunting
    • Infrastructure
    • Shunting signals
    • Brake test signals

    Afternoon (practice):

    • Infrastructure
    • Composition tracks
    • Switches (control points, positions, parts)
    • Profile of the free space / shunter’s profile
    • Characteristics of tank wagons
    • Running gear
    • Buffing gear and draw gear


    Day 2

    Morning (theory):

    • Shunting process (composing, unplugging, decomposing, storing)
    • Shunt permission / accompanied shunting
    • Managing level crossings / narrow roads
    • Brake tests and brake work
    • Freight and control points

    Afternoon (practice):

    • (De)coupling wagons
    • Brake tests
    • Controlling tank wagons (dangerous goods) on technical failure
    • Control failures in the method of loading
    • Controlling positions of cranks, levers and review data

    The training is finalized with a theoretical test. Afterwards you will receive the certificate of participation.

  • At the end of this course:

    • you know theory and practice of controlling and replacing trains on enclosed sites
    • you can manage shunting safely and efficiently
    • you recognize risky situations.


  • This basic training is especially appropriate for anyone working on a business or terminal site and driving trains or in any other way working with trains.

  • Entry requirements


    Type of training Basic course
    Duration 2 days
    Language Dutch, Nederlands
    Exams Yes (Theory)
    Certificate Ja (STC Training & Consultancy certificaat), Yes (STC Training & consultancy certificate)
    Course code RMMB

    The practical component is regularly executed at the facilities of your own employer.

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3 reasons to choose this course

  • Safely driving and working with trains
  • Theory and practice in two days
  • Tailor-made elaboration for your work environment is possible

Yes, this is the course!