Safety adviser for transport by road and/or by rail

Ensure your company is allowed to transport dangerous goods by road or by rail

Sector Rail, Dangerous Goods, Logistics and Transport
Sectors Rail
Type of training Basic course/education, Herhalingscursus
Duration 5 days
Price € 756,00 excl. VAT

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  • Accidents with dangerous goods illustrate why a safe execution of the transport of dangerous goods is of great importance. Heightened attention for the right execution of the ADR regulation is therefore also very important.

    In compliance with directive 96/35/EG, member states are required to assure that companies dealing with the transport of dangerous goods can make use of the services of the safety adviser. This is also valid if the company only deals with packaging, loading, filling or unloading of dangerous goods. This requirement is valid when the exemption limits of the ADR are not applied.

    Companies can appoint their own safety adviser or make use of an external safety adviser, who is personally certified.

    The certificate for safety adviser for road and/or rail transport is valid for five years. To extend the certificate you need to sit for an extension exam. You need to pass this exam within one year of expiration of your currently valid certificate. In preparation of the extension exam, you can take the three-day refresher course with us.

  • Course content:

    The CCV/CBR has established the following final terms / exam terms for the exam valid as of July 1, 2017:

    • law and regulation
    • general guidelines
    • classification of dangerous goods
    • documentation
    • guidelines for packaging, tanks, MEGCs, MEMUs and wagons
    • applying characteristics, (large) labels and orange signs
    • exemptions, transport, cargo loading, unloading and treatment guidelines
    • crew, equipment and operational guidelines
    • requirements regarding the construction and approval of vehicles
    • special provisions
    • preventive measures and security measures
  • At the end of this course:

    • you are well prepared for the exam of the CCV/CBR
    • and after a successful result of the exam, you possess the certificate for Safety adviser ADR and/or RID
    • you can, after obtaining your certificate, be appointed as safety adviser
    • you possess sufficient knowledge to properly execute your activities as safety adviser
  • You work for a company that manages actions and/or transport of dangerous good by road and/or by rail. You want to meet the European requirement in which it has been established that the company should have a safety adviser appointed.

  • Entry requirements


    Type of training Basic course/education, Herhalingscursus
    Duration 5 days
    Language Dutch, Nederlands
    Exams Yes (STC T&C will enrol you at CCV/CBR)
    Certificate Yes (received from CCV/CBR)
    Course code GSVA-1


    • examination and certification are executed by the CCV division of the Central Bureau of Driving Licenses (CBR in Dutch). The exams take place at a CCV location. We manage the examination request for you. Therefore providing a copy of your valid passport or identity card is a requirement.
    • during the exam, you can use your own law books. In case necessary, it is also possible to use the law books from STC Training & Consultancy.
    • An external party will take the exam. The exam costs are therefore not included in the course price. These costs were €149,- in 2017.
    • An ideal preparation for the exam in conformity with final terms CCV/CBR
    • Teachers with practical experience
    • Good connection with transport of dangerous goods via other transport modalities
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