STC Next has a large number of practical facilities, simulators and training centers.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. “

With this principle, STC Next distinguishes itself from many other education and training institutions. Because where others only offer knowledge, STC Next uses simulators to create an interactive and safe training environment that accurately simulates everyday practice in order to speed up the learning process. A selection from our simulators:

Engine room simulator
360 degree full mission bridge simulator
Crane simulator
LNG simulator
MarCom practicum with GMDSS simulator
Inland radar simulator
Dynamic positioning simulator
ERTMS simulator

The simulators are divided over our training locations, besides we have three specific designed training centers:

Port training center
STC Next has a prepared training center (10,000 m2) where employees of stevedoring, storage and distribution companies and participants of various port and transport training courses can gain practical knowledge and skills.

Fire & Safety Training Center
Here employees from the transport industry learn to deal with safety and the environment. A gas-fired STCW module and a simulated ‘accommodation’ can be found at this training center. Various objects have been placed, such as a tank truck with simulated tap fire, a 20ft tank container with various leaks and a breathing air container with a cage track. Also at this location: the practice basin. In this modern and high-quality swimming pool you can practice with extreme sea conditions.

Process Centre of Excellence
STC Next has state-of-the-art training facilities in Brielle, including the tanker laboratory. In this tanker laboratory, we provide specialist training courses to transport liquid cargo from large seagoing vessels or inland shipping tankers to or from terminal tankers. The tanker laboratory is also ideally suited for (learning to) perform gas and water analysis. Also at the location in Brielle: the training factory, measurement and control rooms and the emergency response simulator.