Quality and recognition

STC Training & Consultancy is an recognized training provider. We are recognized by branch organizations and authorities and a well-known name in the field in and around the port. We stand with one leg in the classroom and with one leg in the work field. This way we offer courses with real added value.

Eye for practice
We work from the learning method used within STC Group, of which STC Training & Consultancy is a part, paying attention to practice.

With theoretical parts of your course we ensure that your teacher has experience with your field of work. For practical components we provide unique practice facilities and an extensive program. By really experiencing how a procedure or emergency feels in practice, you are less likely to make mistakes in reality.

STC Training & Consultancy maintains close contact with authorities, branch organizations and companies. We adjust our courses accordingly. This way you can be sure of a recognized certificate or diploma.

Why a quality policy?

The quality system of STC Training & Consultancy is focused on continuous improvement of the product portfolio and the service to customers with the aim of meeting the wishes and requirements of customers, own requirements and laws and regulations.

STC Training & Consultancy aims to meet internal requirements for effective and efficient business operations and to achieve continuous improvement in its own business processes by which a good working environment can be guaranteed.