Information for creditors

This way we can process and pay your invoice faster:

On the invoice:

The billing address that applies:

STC Training & Consultancy
for the creditors administration
Soerweg 31
3088 GR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

(Is your invoice for the STC-Group? Then view the billing info for STC-Group.)

The invoice states the name of the ordering party in all cases.

If known, also the purchase order number of the reference stated on the order.


You can send your invoices to us in the following ways:

By post to the above address.

By e-mail in PDF format to:
This e-mail address will be read digitally. You can therefore only send invoices to this e-mail address. That is why the invoice must be added as an attachment in PDF format.

For questions about, for example, the status of the payment, you can send an e-mail to: