Container Terminal Management


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Type scholing E-learning
Duur 30 hours of self-study
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  • Transport of goods by sea has always played a vital role in the global economy and will continue to be of great importance due to ever increasing globalisation and liberalisation of markets. The growth of seaborne trade has also had its impact on ports as they are the link between the sea and land. Globalization emphasises the need for efficiency and cost reduction in the transport chain, including port operations.

    Containerisation has had huge impact in world trade and contributed to a more effective and efficient world of transport, where labour cost have shifted and economies have thrived in “unexpected” places. Containerisation couldn’t have such a big impact without the development of container terminals being the node connecting land and sea. Today’s terminals are mega structures including huge investments, ensuring efficient operations and minimize ship’s turn-around time. These investments need to be profitable, without compromising on the health and safety for the port workers and the surroundings. How can you make a terminal effective and efficient? What tactical improvements can be made to connect to the strategy of the terminal operator? A lot of factors are involved to be successful in this matter.  You can make a difference if you have a deeper understanding of today’s container terminals, how they are managed and what steps to take to maintain the success. A small investment in time of 30 hours will get you to the insights needed to be part of that success. A small step to take for maximum impact. Will your name be on our next certificate?

  • This multi-disciplinary specialisation provides tools to take up a future leadership role at a port authority, port terminal or shipping related organisation and teaches how to make informed management decisions regarding functional issues.

    The focus of the course is on:

    • Introduction transport chain
    • The container terminal
    • Processes and planning
    • Daily optimization
    • Long term optimization
    • Cost
    • Procurement
    • SHE (Safety, Health, Environment)
  • Completion of Container Terminal Management course provides participants with an opportunity to improve their understanding of modern container terminal management, modern practices, standards and technology to enable improved cost and operational performance. After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

    • Master the daily tasks related to container terminal management;
    • Have an understanding of the skills required to maintain the highest level of efficiency and safety at a container terminal and contribute to the improvement of port efficiency;
    • Describe the role and functions of an innovative terminal that integrates the future needs of the Port Community;
    • Understand current and emerging challenges for container terminal operations management;
    • Have knowledge about the latest approaches to improving container terminal performance;
    • Assess how to achieve cost savings through business process re-engineering;
    • Have an understanding about today’s state-of-the-art in terminal automation;
    • Have an understanding on how to gain operational efficiencies through workforce planning and management;
    • Review how and when to plan for terminal expansion;
    • Examine KPIs and efficiency indicators for berth, yard and gate;
    • Evaluate new solutions for improving berth and gate productivity;
    • Communicate their conclusions, and the knowledge and rationale underpinning of these, to specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously.
  • The course is specially designed for people and prospective managers working or interested in the maritime, ports, transport and logistics sector:

    • (Young) Professionals
    • Finance, IT, paralegals, not engaged in the day to day operations
    • (Junior) Managers
    • Supervisors and team leaders
    • Project managers
  • Toelatingseisen

    The course is suitable for middle management/higher management and given on a Bachelor to a Master level.

    Type scholing E-learning
    Duur 30 hours of self-study
    Taal Engels
    Diploma / Certificaat Ja (STC Next certificaat)

    The course will be provided in the English language

    You can register via the following link.

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  • Begrijp moderne container terminals en hun strategieën.
  • Verbeter je carrièrekansen in logistiek en maritieme sectoren.
  • Leer tactieken voor optimale terminalprestaties.

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