Dry Bulk Terminal Management


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Type scholing E-learning
Duur 30 hours of self-study.
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  • Transport of goods by sea has always played a vital role in the global economy and will continue to be of great importance due to ever-increasing globalization and liberalization of markets. The growth of seaborne trade has also had its impact on ports as they are the link between the sea and land. The need for efficiency and cost reduction in the transport chain is constantly required, including dry bulk terminal operations.

    Raw materials need to be transported to locations all over the world for processing, leading to end products or energy. Often, the dry bulk is processed in other countries and inland. Although dry bulk commodities can be seen as (relatively) low value, the end product or process is not. Storage and transportation have a great impact on the value and quality of the product. How do you increase the terminal throughput, what are the developments of handling equipment, and how to handle storage? With insights into the management of a dry bulk terminal, you can have an impact on reducing demurrage and transportation penalties. It will take approximately 30 hours to complete your insights with a certificate that has value in the commodity transport chain.

  • This multi-disciplinary specialisation provides tools to take up a future leadership role at a port authority, port terminal, or shipping-related organisation and teaches how to make informed management decisions regarding functional issues.

    Upon completion of the course, the participant will have a thorough understanding of Port and Terminal Management and Operations meeting the criteria to act at the management level within maritime, port, transport, and logistics (related) organisations.

  • Completion of the Dry Bulk Terminal Management course provides participants with the opportunity to obtain an overview of the ins- and outs of the various aspects that need to be managed at a dry bulk terminal.

    After successful completion of the course, the participants will:

    • Have knowledge and understanding of dry bulk commodities and characteristics.
    • Be able to explain activities and processes related to loading and discharging of a bulk carrier.
    • Be able to describe the layout of a dry bulk terminal.
    • Have knowledge and understanding of planning and procedures in relation of dry bulk terminal management.
    • Be able to explain the role and importance of integrated bulk terminal management.
    • Have an understanding of the middle and higher management decisions that needs to be made in order to facilitate an effectively and efficiently running dry bulk terminal.
  • The course is specially designed for people and prospective managers working or interested in working at a Port Authority and at a dry bulk terminal:

    • Young Potentials
    • Junior managers
    • Supervisors
    • Team leaders
    • Project managers
  • Toelatingseisen

    The course is suitable for middle management and given on a Bachelor level.

    Type scholing E-learning
    Duur 30 hours of self-study.
    Taal Engels
    Diploma / Certificaat Ja (STC Next certificaat)

    The course will be provided in the English language

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3 redenen om deze cursus te kiezen

  • Begrijp de cruciale rol van zeetransport in de mondiale economie en de impact ervan op havens.
  • Leer strategieën voor efficiëntieverbetering en kostenreductie in droge bulk terminaloperaties.
  • Leer hoe het beheer van een droge bulk terminal vertragingen en transportkosten kan verminderen, en zo de waarde en kwaliteit van producten verbetert.

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