Health & Safety in Port & Terminal Operations


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Thema's Havens, Logistiek, Veiligheid
Type scholing E-learning
Duur 6 hours of self-study.
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Adson Hofman
  • Ports have been categorized as one of the highest risk sectors to work in. This is due to the many safety hazards workers face on a daily basis. The main health risks are caused when moving loading vehicles, unloading and loading cargo. These health and safety risks may be reduced if workers are constantly reminded and are aware of the many hazards that they face.

    This short course of 6 hours will focus on the various health and safety risks workers are facing. Port and terminal workers can be exposed to more health and safety risks than strictly related to the function they have. The surrounding can be hazardous. With this course we look at the broader aspects of these risks in order to diminish the chances of accidents and keep workers available for the processes hired for.

  • The short course objectives provide an overview of the topics that will be covered during this short course. After finishing the course, you will have enhanced your knowledge of health and safety in port and terminal operations.

    During this course, health and safety rules and regulations are addressed in relation to the four areas of current activities at ports and port terminals:

    • Gate
    • Yard
    • Vessel
    • Warehouse
  • After completing the course, the participants will be able to:

    • Recall the regulatory requirements for health and safety in ports and terminals.
    • Identify existing safety measures.
    • Implement and maintain of existing health and safety measures.
    • Select the relevant safety measures appropriate to the situation.
    • Act by stopping unsafe practices.
    • Report any hazardous or unsafe behavior.
    • Report all incidents or accidents
  • The program is specially designed for any person working in the port or crossing the port premises for any reason, especially:

    • Port workers (experienced or not)
    • Port authority and Government officials
    • Those with professional degree with the need to gain specific knowledge in health and safety fields
  • Toelatingseisen

    The course is suitable for operational staff members and or officials and given on a vocational level.

    Type scholing E-learning
    Duur 6 hours of self-study.
    Taal Engels
    Diploma / Certificaat Ja (STC Next certificaat)

    The course will be provided in the English language

    You can register via the following link.

3 redenen om deze cursus te kiezen

  • Verhoog uw kennis over gezondheids- en veiligheidsrisico's in havens en terminals.
  • Leer hoe u de kans op ongevallen kunt verkleinen en de veiligheid op de werkplek kunt verbeteren.
  • Begrijp de regelgeving en richtlijnen om aan gezondheids- en veiligheidsnormen te voldoen.

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